2023, Generative Animation

Plasmodata is a generated animation based on the study of slime mould.

Slime mould is an interesting life form. For most of their lifetime, they are free-living single-celled individual entities. However, those simple cells developed a very sophisticated system of communication using acrasins which is highly similar to the nervous system of animals. In a sense, the slime mould cells form a coordinated “brain” which appears in highly intricate structures.

Inspired by recent studies of how slime mould transmit information, I digitally simulated their behaviors. These simple virtual lives collaboratively generate convoluted and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Plasmodata is a sandbox, a cosmos, a question of our definition of life and intelligence.

Exhibition view at WAAITT2023

Digitalizing Akira Minagawa

2022 – ongoing, Digital animation

Akira Minagawa is famous for his insistence on using a hand-drawing process for his textile design.

I created algorithms to try to recreate similar textile textures from purely 0s and 1s, questioning the possibility of digital media and asking the following questions: Can we recreate everything digitally? If so, does it also means that the “real” world we are in can also be another kind of “digital”?

Visit the animations here