Wifi Killer 2000

A very annoying robot, 2020

In short, the WiFi Killer 2000 is an interactive WiFi Jammer that can chase people and jam the WiFi signal nearby, modified from an old WiFi router.

I am not against having online life, to be honest I spend most of my time online, too, especially in 2020. But it is just a truth that disconnecting, or living offline is much more harder now, not need to compare to 10 years ago, just compare to the days in 2015 or 2016 when IoT and social media are not such huge things.

In my vision, WIFi Killer 2000 is a light joke. The experience of being chased by a moving WiFi jammer might be a bit annoying for those who have business meetings all the time but I believe it is over all funny. I hope when people are trying to run away for it they can also think about these two questions: “Why am I doing this?“ and “Why is it doing this?”