Burn Goldsmiths

2022, Happening and performance

With Yique Wang and others

The event aims to push the boundary between virtual and real. In this post-simulacrum era, the boundary is already a bit dissolved. In this background, we examine the virtual as the method of knowing and deconstructing reality. We create this totally fake but somehow existing event to question the meaning of existence and the foundation of our value. We intentionally picked the values in the context of NFT as an example. In this event, the artist is fake, the artwork is fake, and even the frame is fake. However, what does it indicate to be fake? What does it mean to be real? Where does the value of “original” and “authentic” come from?

It may sound weird, but we are glad if you are confused. Thank you for coming tonight and participating in this action. We hope we have brought some new ideas to you.