Ultra Cool

sculpture, ice, 2021

with Karlie ZHAO and Wynn Leung

Recreating a Song Dynasty pillow from UMAG with ice.

The original object in UMAG.

The original pillow was used during the summer so as to get relief from the summer heat, and it’s also described as neck rests intended to protect a woman’s elaborate coiffure while sleeping. As it’s made with ceramic, it is hard & uncomfortable to sleep on. Ice , somehow, inherit those historical used and physical characteristics, and even push some of them to extreme (for example, the uncomfortableness).

Melting, disappearing, like history & everything


Sculpture, acrylic, wood, paper, 2021

with Karlie ZHAO, Wynn Leung, Joyce GE, Summer Yau

Light, shape, image…

Combining real-life scale laser-cut slices of deformed 3D models of our body parts with the corresponding one-to-one scale drawings and data visualisation patterns, we assemble a “cursed Kirby”.

It can be about lots of things: perception, gender issues, human mechanism and etc. But we don’t claim any here.