Mechanic Synesthesia @ Tate Modern

2023, Installation

part of The Hive

Mechanic Synesthesia provides a special multi-sensory experience. The audience is invited to touch the sculptures made with different materials residing in the cells of The Hive. Sensors hidden inside the sculptures translate the touch into sounds and generative visuals representing fluidity and softness. The installation invites people to explore the different materiality of the sculptures through the three corresponding senses. As one of the audience said, “(it is) like I am hearing through my fingers and seeing through my ears.”

For Beyond Surface – Tactile Presence x Tate Modern Late March 2023

Dumbest Music Visualizer

code, 2019

Dead Stranding is a good game :p

Anyway it just a music visualiser that you can use to create some stupid stuffs if you’re a singer or you know how to compose. You can download it for yourself to play via below links. If you want the permission for commercial using, please email me first :p. Do note that you need a Java8 environment to run it.

MacOS  Windows 64