Over Growth

(proposal) Video for ICC tower, 2020

“The crazily spreading vines on the building are the sweet revenge on the expanding urban area that is nibbling the wild.”

Animated images, generated according to special algorithms, as an abstract representation of how giant vines might possibly grow on the skyscraper’s surfaces are shown on the surfaces via the facade.

By making the vines climbing on ICC tower, I want to address the conflicts between human and nature, urban and wild, us and the other. The images remind us a possible ending of the conflicts, a future that we fail to build a harmony relationship with nature.

Nature always wins. We are all just a part of it.

Hong Kong Night Machine

2019, installation

Hong Kong Night Machine is an installation about light pollution and my personal feeling about it. I record and recompose neon lights and LED advertisements in Monk Kwok, one of the most lit areas at night in Hong Kong. The images are then displayed on a low-resolution LED screen, on which they become abstract. I also record my brainwave during sleepless nights due to the strong light outside the window, then engrave the data onto physical filters that are put in front of the LED screen. The filters further deform the images and merge the data with the light from the screen.

Hong Kong Night Machine is exhibited at Blown Away exhibition in Hall F, Tai Kwun, Central, Hong Kong.