2022, Open source installation network

Every morning I wake up, I leave the apartment building, walk along Fa Yuen Street, turn into Soy Street before Sai Yi Street Garden, then turn left to Sai Yi Street, then Shantung St, then Yim Po Fong St. Finally, I arrive at Mongkok East Train Station and take the train to school. And at night I follow the same path but in reverse to get home.

Walking through the streets countless times makes me numb to the surroundings. Everything seems to be so since time immemorial. One day on my way I heard a ship whistle. Suddenly I felt lost for a while, and I could not recognize if I was in Mongkok or Tai Kok Tsui. The sudden confusion was like a spike. I started to pay attention to the shops and people on the streets again. And I found some shops I never noticed and some new neighbors I never met.

Unsounded is a project that makes the spikes. With many small installations that work as knots, it creates a network for sound to travel from one location to another in the local area. The project is also open-source, making it possible for people to participate in making and distributing the devices in their neighborhoods.

Join the project, and create sound portals in your town. Maybe you just help someone to rediscover the community that they have been living in.

Visit the project website here.

Exhibition at Singing Wave Gallery, Run Run Shao Creative Media Center: 21/4/2022 – 28/4/2022