Over Growth

(proposal) Video for ICC tower, 2020

“The crazily spreading vines on the building are the sweet revenge on the expanding urban area that is nibbling the wild.”

Animated images, generated according to special algorithms, as an abstract representation of how giant vines might possibly grow on the skyscraper’s surfaces are shown on the surfaces via the facade.

By making the vines climbing on ICC tower, I want to address the conflicts between human and nature, urban and wild, us and the other. The images remind us a possible ending of the conflicts, a future that we fail to build a harmony relationship with nature.

Nature always wins. We are all just a part of it.

City Dream|Global Village 全球村|城市夢

(proposal) Public Installation, 2020

As a original resident of a village in the city(城中村) that has spent almost his whole life outside the village, I am, somehow, obsessed with the create density of the village in the city, and the huge contrast between the village and the city around it. The village in the city is the Mainland version of Kowloon Walled City, with the aesthetic of dystopia, where is, however, the place for dream.

By this work I want to create a window, a bridge, an opportunity for two completely different groups of people to have a view of something they might have never seen in their life. The tenants in the village can hardly imagine that people living in the same city, just a kilometer away, can afford abroad travels twice a year. What does the outside world looks like? Those who travel abroad every year, might have no idea that there is still people living in such an environment, in the village, although the village is just a kilometer away from their home. They live in the same city, but in two universes.

We have seen so many cyberpunk cities in movies and novels, Guangzhou (and many cities in Mainland) might just become one in the future. Urbanization always shows its bright side to us, and leave the dark side in shadow. It promises with the stories of the minor that realized their city dreams, so we often ignore the major of the new immigrants who are the loser in the game, struggling in the edge, under the shadow of the CBD towers.

But they have not submitted, they still have their dreams, and that is enough for them to be admirable.

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