You and He and She

Multimedia, with Rucy ZHAO, 2019

Tinder is a good platform to see yourself. You show your pictures, representing your self recognization, you also find for interesting people (or sexy ones, 😉 ), reflecting your interest and criterion.

We interviewed 12 people on Zurich’s streets (more exactly, strasse), asked them to describe their Tinder profiles for us, in return, we did a sketch drawing of the description for them.

After a whole day of interviewing people in heavy rain, we came back and made the drawing just with the audio we recored in the interview.

The concept here is: On Tinder, people mainly focus on the photos but ignore the power of text. Behind text there can be more space for imagination, and that’s also what’s lack in todays society.

The final artwork includes 12 drawings and text from the people, as well as the audio montage of the description of their Tinder profiles.

With the red wall in Kino Roland, the ex-porn cinema, we also did live drawing for the audience of the show TNDR Launch Night.