Untitled Island Game

2021, game


It is a game. or not a game. You can interact with almost everything in this game, but the only interaction is to see you and the world in their eyes. It is about animism, perspective, watching and being watched.

Explore the little island, walk around, find something, or just simply sit down and watch the sunset.

Play it here.

Occupy Vinewood Boulevard

2021, GTAV Online Intervention

The intervention is simple. On a weekend, I blocked Vinewood Boulevard, which is the busiest road, in the game Grand Auto Theft V Online with a bus. Then I (controlled my character) climbed up onto the bus, and started to play the recording of Jane Fonda’s speech about the war in Vietnam she gave in LA in 1972 to the game world through the online voice chat.

It is very interesting to see how other players and the game react to this and try to stop me. As the game is about (being) criminals, NPCs in GTAV are programmed to be rude, violent and aggressive. Many people have criticized this. For sure this is quite messed up, in a sense, but what probably more messed up is that, this also somehow “programmed” the player to be more aggressive and violent in the game.

Some other GTAV related stuff here

In Liz’s

2021, game/digital literature

In Liz’s is an experiment to combine two common techniques used in digital writing: hypertext (via  Twine2) and context-free grammar (via RiTa).

The work tries to explore the possibility of merging two kinds of experiences brought by these two techniques in one story.

Please feel free to explore it below first, more descriptions will be shown when you finish the story.

Click here to open it in a new tab.

I really recommend you to play the game and experience the story. Here is just a screenshot of (one of) the beginning paragraph(s) to give you an idea of how it looks like (in case that the embedded content above is not working).

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Another Day at Work

Game, 2020

Play at Here or Here

The main concepts behind this artwork are the molecular discourses in contemporary biopower and the self-rule elements in ethopolitics. The HGP(Human Genome Project) creates a mosaic of human genes, then new surveillance techniques applying big data and bio-technologies, especially genetic technologies, derived. The work is also related to the current situation that with the spreading of COVID, the debate of whether we should track down the patients (and other people) becomes popular again.

Based on the concepts, I imagine an anti-utopia future, in which everyone is identified by their genes recorded in a genes ID (I create a simple barcode format for it). In such a world, your genes are your name, your faces, and your identity.

In the game you play as someone in power – a form checker, to decide whether the form should be approved or not. The forms are generated with context-free grammar, so there is always the next form for you to check.

Genes data from HGP

Physicist Simulator

Game, 2020

Physicist Simulator is a game, or you might want to call it an interactive web page. There are some “physical” rules in the game world and lead to certain phenomena in the game. The task for the player is to find out those rules and to understand them.

Play at Here or Here


Web Based Digital Experience, 2020

with Lizzie Wee, Julie Cahannes, Gigi Koh; exhibited in the online Hacking-Greta show, 2020

In this digital experience, we speculate possible iterations of the future whereby our ecology has revived/ collapsed, and examine the possible implications of Greta’s legacy as an icon. Players are free to explore the digital landscape to piece together their interpretations of the story. Foregrounding the experience with the announcement of Greta’s death, we invite participants to immerse in these realities, and then reconsider the actions they can take in the present to shape a future they desire.

Official Website: www.holygreta.com (Your browser might alert a SSL certificate error as the content is hosted by ZHdK and the SSL certificate is not for this domain)

Alternative Link: here (Content hosted on GitHub, there no SSL issue)