Occupy Vinewood Boulevard

2021, GTAV Online Intervention

The intervention is simple. On a weekend, I blocked Vinewood Boulevard, which is the busiest road, in the game Grand Auto Theft V Online with a bus. Then I (controlled my character) climbed up onto the bus, and started to play the recording of Jane Fonda’s speech about the war in Vietnam she gave in LA in 1972 to the game world through the online voice chat.

It is very interesting to see how other players and the game react to this and try to stop me. As the game is about (being) criminals, NPCs in GTAV are programmed to be rude, violent and aggressive. Many people have criticized this. For sure this is quite messed up, in a sense, but what probably more messed up is that, this also somehow “programmed” the player to be more aggressive and violent in the game.

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