Another Day at Work

Game, 2020

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The main concepts behind this artwork are the molecular discourses in contemporary biopower and the self-rule elements in ethopolitics. The HGP(Human Genome Project) creates a mosaic of human genes, then new surveillance techniques applying big data and bio-technologies, especially genetic technologies, derived. The work is also related to the current situation that with the spreading of COVID, the debate of whether we should track down the patients (and other people) becomes popular again.

Based on the concepts, I imagine an anti-utopia future, in which everyone is identified by their genes recorded in a genes ID (I create a simple barcode format for it). In such a world, your genes are your name, your faces, and your identity.

In the game you play as someone in power – a form checker, to decide whether the form should be approved or not. The forms are generated with context-free grammar, so there is always the next form for you to check.

Genes data from HGP

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