Web Based Digital Experience, 2020

with Lizzie Wee, Julie Cahannes, Gigi Koh; exhibited in the online Hacking-Greta show, 2020

In this digital experience, we speculate possible iterations of the future whereby our ecology has revived/ collapsed, and examine the possible implications of Greta’s legacy as an icon. Players are free to explore the digital landscape to piece together their interpretations of the story. Foregrounding the experience with the announcement of Greta’s death, we invite participants to immerse in these realities, and then reconsider the actions they can take in the present to shape a future they desire.

Official Website: www.holygreta.com (Your browser might alert a SSL certificate error as the content is hosted by ZHdK and the SSL certificate is not for this domain)

Alternative Link: here (Content hosted on GitHub, there no SSL issue)

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