It and Me

2019, Video

I named the final work It and Me. It is a short video combining music, stop motion animation and generated images. The core of the work is reacting to the music, I drew on paper and made the stop motion animation with the music, and I wrote a code to visualize it. At first, I thought the images drown by me and the computer would be quite different, but the result comes that they are similar in some ways. That really surprised me.  

This artwork is not trying to show how good or bad computer or human (more correctly, me) can recognize music. We react to the music in a, to some degree, very emotional way. What we can easily get from the music are the emotions and we can hardly recognize the physical characteristics, like sequence, of the music. The interesting thing is that, for a computer, it is quite the opposite. It is more like an exploration to the question: How would it look like if I put those images that refer to the same thing but produced in totally different logics and methods.

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