Green Cube

The green Cube is an inflatable airship that covered with a special kind of climbing plant growing on its surface. This kind of climbing plant has the ability to absorb the main air contaminant in Hong Kong. So, the airship is a tiny biological air cleaner. I plan to fly it on top of the factory’s roof to let it complete its clean mission and serve as a floating sculpture at the same time.

The first motivation for this is just fun. But I do hope it can also convey some messages. We have been talking about environment protection for decades, and now it gradually becomes a boring old topic just like something you would hear from your grandma. People, especially the young, don’t want any more preaching. When many of my friends see a long post about environment protection on Instagram, they just skip it. They don’t like being told what to do.

So the question is that what can we do to promote environment protection now? How can we deliver the idea when everyone seems to be bored about that?  As I can see, nowadays, more stupid means more powerful. Thus, the answer may be to deliver the ideas in a more stupid and humorous way.

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