Jam Chaser

Jam Chaser is a small quadrotor drone that carries a pot of NO2 absorbing plant(e.g Pyracantha crenatoserrata, a potted plant that has a strong ability to absorb NO2 from the air). A team of Jam Chasers is ready, when a certain road turns yellow on Google maps, they will set out and fly to where the traffic is most congested. So you will see in the off work time, a group of strange drones take off and fly to Nathan Road and other stuck roads.

Jam Chaser can be modified from a commercial product and get the traffic information from Google maps. It’s very interesting that Jam Chaser is very impractical as a solution to air pollution, but it can be very useful in another way. When you are driving and you see a Jam Chaser flying to the direction that you are going to, you would know that there is a traffic jam beyond and you’d better choose another route.

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